When sending emails to out of network stakeholders that contain confidential patient information they must be protected by passwords and/or encryption. In an effort to protect the privacy of our clients, consumers and patients. We have implemented the Barracuda Networks email encryption service, known as “Barracuda Message Center”.

Below are the steps to easily and effectively protect the email and information it contains.

·                 Open Outlook go to the subject line and type ENCRYPT

·                 You can then space bar and type in your subject as normal.

·                 Compose your message as normal

·                 Attach any necessary documents.

·                 Verify that the recipient’s email address is correct.

·                 All that needs to be done now is to press send.

When the recipient receives the email, they will be instructed on how to retrieve the encrypted message. Basically their email address will become there authenticated username and they will use a hyperlink to navigate to the Barracuda Message Center, at this point they are instructed to create a password that will allow them to view the encrypted information.

Messages sent will be available to the recipient for 30 days at which time if they have not retrieved the message it will be purged from the system.

They can also use this service to send encrypted messages back to you if needed by replying to your message via the Barracuda Message Center.

If so then you will receive a message that you have an encrypted message. You will also receive instructions on how to retrieve the email.

Please note that it is not necessary to encrypt messages to other PORT employees who have @porthumanservices.org emails as this is already done within our exchange server.